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As most of us are preparing for or finishing up final exams, there are plenty of fun things to distract us from studying. There is hanging out with friends, spending time outdoors in the beautiful weather and most importantly, finding an outfit for spring formal. Formal is a big occasion at the end of every spring semester, so you want to make sure you look just right for the million pictures that will be taken. My best advice is to choose something comfortable, unique and fitting to your personality.

Similar to prom, it is common for the guy to try to match his date. It is not a necessity. If you’re feeling a little courageous, feel free to step out of the box and do your own thing. Originality is always encouraged. But this couple is a great example of the traditional color coordinating attire.

This Fashionista has chosen a lavender dress that is sequined on top and chiffon on bottom. It is a simple shape with a high-low hemline and thin spaghetti straps. This is a great option to choose if you know you’ll be in the dress several hours. It is light, flowing and comfortable which are all things you want to feel on your formal evening! She has added three simple accessories: rhinestone earrings, wide black belt and strappy black heels. The black is a high contrast color on top of the lavender which breaks up the look, cinches the waist and adds a little depth to the outfit.

This Fashionisto has chosen a classic look that complements his date nicely. He’s wearing a black suit and shoes with a lavender shirt and matching tie that coordinates perfectly with the Fashionista’s dress. He looks gentlemanly and sophisticated in his crisp black suit, and the lavender adds a fun twist in place of a plain white shirt.

One Simple Change:  This couple looks great for spring formal, but with one simple change they could be on their way to an important school banquet as well. This Fashionista could trade the rhinestone earrings for a set of pearls and throw on a black blazer to appear a tad more professional. The Fashionisto could lose the tie and unbutton his top button to seem a little less formal. This way he is still in his suit but looks comfortable. Either way, they’ve chosen a great outfit!


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