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It’s about that time of year again. Summer is coming to an end and we’ve got to all put our thinkin’ caps back on. It’s almost time for classes to begin. Part of me wishes that the first day of school was still as exciting as it used to be. I still remember having to buy just the right first day of school outfit—which usually consisted of a head-to-toe Limited Too ensemble back in the day. The first day of 5th grade, I wore a pink plaid Limited Too skirt with matching arm socks. Yes, I said arm socks—don’t pretend like you didn’t have those too. Now that we are in college, the majority of the students’ usual first day (and everyday) attires honestly look like the clothes they slept in. This general look of laziness is what I want to advise all students to stray away from this coming semester. What you wear to class should show that you actually want to be at a university getting a higher education in order to become a professional.  It should not show that you just rolled out of bed and look like you might have stayed out too late the night before. In the wise words of Oscar Wilde, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Putting a little effort into your appearance when you go to class can make a huge difference.

This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of what to wear to class. Not too dressy, but still presentable, her outfit would definitely allow her to stand out amongst the sea of T-shirts. Her plaid blazer (which, thank goodness, is way more fashionable than that skirt I wore in 5th grade) adds structure to her outfit. I cannot stress enough how much I love blazers. They instantly give an outfit a professional vibe.

She makes the outfit more casual by pairing her blazer with high-waisted denim shorts. These shorts not only look good, but they are also going to be just as comfortable as those awful workout pants most other girls are wearing. She completes her ensemble with a studded button-up, sequined purse, a pair of oxfords with socks and oversized round sunglasses. These items add flair and individuality to the outfit. To me, that’s what personal style should be about. This coming semester I advise everyone to not be afraid to dress how you want to dress even if it strays away from the typical “college uniform” norm.

One Simple Change: Her denim shorts are great for a long day of classes. Swap the bottoms for a flirty skirt to transform this outfit into an ensemble perfect for a date.


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