What to Wear

Going to class is no joke, and combining a perfect outfit shouldn’t be too strenuous. Don’t be a slouch and wear the regular sweat pants. Instead funk it up and get those A’s with style. Ladies keep your heels at home because going to class should feel comfortable and casual.

I spotted this Fashionista, Mackenzie, wearing a denim button-down with a light pink vest. Mackenzie’s light pink fur vest was my favorite part of her outfit. Fur vests are perfect for adding some style as well as warmth. Denim has been a trend since last year and is still making a strong appearance. American Apparel has great denim button-downs with a few hues to choose from.

Make sure to buy a backpack rather than a purse. In the long run it will make carrying all those books much easier and save you some back pains. Mackenzie’s pink Patagonia backpack keeps all her books together and adds style to her outfit. Try buying a backpack that will match with most of the colors you own in your wardrobe. Keep in mind that you are wearing a backpack daily, so spending some extra money for a quality backpack will be worth it.

Those long walks to class should be as comfortable as your feet feel. Invest in a pair of sneakers like these black leather Dr. Martens that Mackenzie is wearing. Nike also has wonderful sneakers that are both casual and sporty. My personal favorite sneakers that I wear regularly are my Reebok freestyles. A sneaker with good arch and ankle support should be a prerequisite for college.

One Simple Change: If Mackenzie were to switch her backpack for a purse, she could easily wear this outfit out to go shopping. This look is great for being casual and a little trendy. A quick switch to a black purse and Mackenzie can be on her way to the mall.


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