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This spring’s ready-to-wear collection by Creatures of Comfort definitely stayed true to its name. From color to cut, each piece belonged to a pleasantly pale palette with a flexible fit. Solid styles made up most of the collection, but the occasional plain, yet pretty patterns were incorporated here and there. Each ensemble was beautifully breezy with a complementary clean-cut collar or cuff. Tall hats and socks with sandals made their way down the runway as well, which added some higher fashion “oomph” to each relaxed look.

Although my fashion fortitude wasn’t quite strong enough to try a tall, straw hat on campus, I did go for a look I usually shy away from: double denim. I knew denim went with anything, but I was never sure if it matched with itself. This Creatures of Comfort collection ceased all of my concerns and I went for the line’s leader, look number one.

I paired a button-down denim shirt with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. Although I picked a plainly pale wash for the denim duo, I incorporated some accessories that added some stylish spirit to the otherwise plain Jane getup. I braided a belt-looped bow with a dark denim belt and I clipped a lacey, blue bow at the bottom of my bun. Keeping consistent, I wore a cross-body bag decorated with, guess what, a blue bow. For summer’s sake I strayed away from socks with sandals and chose black flats, which cleanly and comfortably complemented the collar and cuffs of my attire on top.

The spring 2014 show sealed the deal for my double denim dilemma. With an accessory or two, this look can easily go from modestly match-y to comfortably chic. And, as if you needed any more reason to try this look, the relaxed runway remix is an optimal overcast outfit for the summer as it pairs sleeves with shorts. You’ll be fashionable in any forecast, Fashionistas.

Get My Look: 1. A button-down denim shirt. 2. High-waisted denim shorts. 3. A bold bow.


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