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Hey lovely Fashionistas/os! My name is Tyler Jones and I am in my third year at St. John’s University in New York City, majoring in Business Management. When I first came across CollegeFashionista on the inter-webs I immediately had to apply for an internship! It not only embodies my love for personal style and fashion, but also my passion for photography. What a great way to help build my photography portfolio!

When walking down the streets of New York, you encounter so many different styles, whether it is classy, professional attire with a pantsuit, the “hipster” youth trend with Supreme or the vintage inspired with bowler hats (my personal favorite). I love how everyone treats his or her personal style as an art form and no one is afraid to convey his or her inner whimsicality. That’s how I describe my style. I am the “Ooh I like that, with a little bit of that and a sprinkle of that and maybe this hat” type of person, usually wearing about three layers AT LEAST. My personal style is inspired by everything and everyone that I see around me, and I love experimenting with new trends in ways that tickle my fancy. At the moment my favorite clothing item to wear is the high-waisted trouser.

This semester I am writing the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS column. At first this sounded pretty daunting because I don’t know too much about male fashion trends, but then I remembered that a good chunk of my closet could be mistaken as the men’s section of a store. So challenge accepted! I am extremely excited to share with y’all the unique and trendy men that I see daily on my campus and I hope that it gives inspiration to your own wardrobe, whether male or female.


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