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The weather at Penn is getting ostensibly stranger and stranger. From last week’s sudden plummet of temperatures and snowfall to this week’s more milder temperatures, it seems like Mother Nature just cannot make up her mind when it comes to this year’s winter. There were days when I refused to eat with a fork, fearing it would freeze and stick to my tongue (okay, I may be slightly exaggerating) and days when I was convinced I didn’t need a jacket to go to class. Luckily, however, the changing weather did not stop the flowers from blooming, or at least the flowers on this Fashionista’s dress.

Even in the middle of winter, this Fashionista was not afraid to wear her floral print dress. While most Fashionistas save their floral patterns for the spring or summer, this week’s daring Fashionista knew how to rock her florals by layering and pairing them with neutral colors. As her red dress already incorporated multiple colors into the floral print, wearing a navy blue cardigan brought out the darker hues in the dress while adding a more sobering, wintery feel to her outfit. The addition of a cream circle scarf likewise added an additional texture while making her floral more winter appropriate.

If you are also feeling “in bloom” this winter, try wearing floral prints on heavy and/or dark materials. The floral print on this pair of dark wash cigarette jeans is perfect for brightening up a winter day while remaining appropriate for the season. This paneled silk dress likewise has the perfect balance of brighter pattern and negative space, and the rich fabric paired with an oxblood infinity scarf, black tights and a leather jacket would be optimal for weighing down the summery feel of floral.


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