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For those of you who may have learned about Greek mythology at one point or another, I’m sure you can recall Midas, the king who could turn any and every object into gold by simply touching it. You may also remember that, even though this fictional ability sounds like more of a super power than an affliction, things actually ended rather tragically for Midas. However, he did manage to prove the point that a little touch of gold goes a long way when used thoughtfully. It’s a solid concept that any Fashionista can incorporate into her outfit’s finer details.

This Fashionista followed in Midas’s golden footsteps–quite literally, might I add, by using a pair of golden beaded sandals to jazz up her look. Her white lace top and black wrap skirt were already darling on their own, but she wasn’t afraid to add a little shine by way of her fancy footwear. Sitting pretty on her shoulder was a tan tote, and she pulled the look together by adding a simple pair of dangle earrings, also in gold. I loved that she realized that the beaded sandals were a true statement piece which could stand out on their own when paired with a classic black and white ensemble.

Besides the fact that they’re eye-catching, shiny and all around wonderful, another cool thing about gold accessories (whether it be a gold pair of shoes or any other gold outfit addition you can think of) is their extreme versatility. Metallics are essentially neutrals, so you can work them into any look when you’re longing for that extra touch of shine. This Fashionista’s pair of golden sandals would look just as lovely with a pink floral dress or a blue shirt and skinny jeans as it does with her black and white pieces. I even strongly condone mixing metallics. The time has come to rid ourselves of the fashion taboo that states gold and silver can’t be worn together. When done with purpose, the two colors are a match made in metallic heaven, so go ahead and pair a bold gold cuff with your favorite stack of silver bangles.

Although we can’t exactly turn things into gold by touching them, we can turn our outfits into something just as precious by way of golden accessories. Who knew King Midas was such a trendsetter?

How To: Now that the warm weather is here, gold details are gorgeous when glittering in the sun. Wearing gold sandals with your favorite lightweight maxi dress will make for the perfect goddess-like look. Throw on a chunky gold necklace to balance it out, and it’ll instantly become your go-to summer outfit for any occasion.


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