How to Still Style Cold Weather Trends When You Don’t Experience A Real Winter

How to Still Style Cold Weather Trends When You Don’t Experience A Real Winter

When temperatures cool down and winter fashion reemerges, I always find myself not able to incorporate the new trends. Don’t get me wrong—mild Florida winters do provide the convenience of not freezing on your way to class, but it also means I can’t justify purchasing that beautiful puffer jacket I just stumbled upon on my Instagram feed. However, I have found ways to add more pieces into my wardrobe that count as winter trends but don’t suffocate me in the mild winter I experience in Florida. I reach for certain jacket types and materials to help me keep cool, but also add a stylish touch that is just not possible during the hotter months of the year. Let’s jump right into the ways you can still style winter-esque pieces even when your local temperatures never really dip past 60 degrees.

Layering Is Still an Option

I’ll be honest, I don’t stray too far from what I call my uniform. My go-to outfit always involves a basic T-shirt paired with a chic cardigan or jacket. However, the good thing is that there is a multitude of jacket styles you can add to your wardrobe that aligns with winter trends. Instead of throwing on a puffer jacket, you can reach for stylish windbreakers, which offer a similar sheen and look. Forever 21 offers a plethora of colors and silhouettes to choose from. Blazers are another great way to enhance your outfit and stay on top of winter trends. When all else fails, nothing beats a knitted cardigan that adds just the right amount of cozy winter vibes without being too warm. This style from Everlane is right up my alley. I recently purchased a similar one at my local thrift store, and it has quickly become my favorite pairing to any outfit.

Opt for Breathable Fabrics

Fabric choice is a key consideration when you want to add pops of those fun winter trends, especially when layering. Although I can’t stock my closet full of the thickest turtlenecks on the market, I can still grab a few long-sleeved tops that exude winter festivity. Something similar to this Madewell turtleneck top is perfect for those not-too-cold but not-too-warm days because thicker knits are probably out of the question. Look for cotton fabrics to add breathability to your outfit. Linen is another great option. Yes, I know, linen is usually reserved for balmy summer days. But being that I live in a warmer climate, it is perfectly reasonable to style linen pieces. Adding a chic linen blazer or pairing linen trousers with a cozy sweater can really add that winter feel while still allowing you to feel fresh and comfortable.

Experiment with Different Bottoms

A major plus about living in a warmer climate during the winter is the ability to style any type of bottom. When I think of winter trends I think of tapered trousers, corduroy pants, and patterns such as plaid and houndstooth, among other styles. Instead of being limited to pants, you can try out skirts, cropped pant options, and shorts (depending on how warm your climate is, of course) in a variety of patterns and fabrics. Pant options such as these Forever 21 twill pants are made from 100 percent cotton, so you won’t have to sacrifice the comfort of breathability for the sake of keeping up with winter trends. Urban Outfitters also offers these corduroy pants in a variety of colors. What’s more wintry than classic corduroy? Browsing for patterned or corduroy overall dresses definitely add that winter touch but allow you to stay cool. Truly the options are endless.

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Opening image by Valeria Laguna.