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Who Said Getting Dressed For Class Had To Be Boring?

February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

Sweatpants and an old sweatshirt to class? Not for a true Fashionista/o. Class time is not just an excuse to Facebook stalk your ex and catch up on your Instagram feed. It is a chance to let your style shine, even in a lecture hall of 200+ people.

So before you go grabbing for the same shirt you wore yesterday (and the day before), let these Fashionistas/os inspire you to step up your class style—even during winter!
1. SekiguchiWinterClassLooks3-2

Photos by: Reina Sekiguchi, Barnard College

2.  KramerScarves-4

Photos by Allyson Kramer, Kent State University

3. CokeWinterClassLooks3

Photos by Anna Coke, University of Kentucky

4. DambrosioWinterClassLook-2 (1)

Photos by Christina D’Ambrosio, Fordham University

5. MillerWinterClassLook02-2

Photos by Natalie Miller, College For Creative Studies

6. LatacelaWinterClassLook-4

Photos by: Paulina Latacela, Hunter College

7. CadenasWinterClassLooks-3

Photos by: Kelsey Cadenas, SCAD

8. ThigpenDresses-2

Photos by: Ashley Thigpen, University of South Carolina

9. MartinezWinterClassLook-3

Photos by Melissa Martinez, Syracuse University

10. KramerWinterLooks-4Photos by Allyson Kramer, Kent State University