When In Doubt, This One Piece Should Be Your No-Brainer Go-To

Some days, I spend more time than I care to admit assembling the perfect look. The amount of angst that goes into deciding between grabbing my leather jacket over my shearling one is sometimes, frankly, embarrassing. I do the all too familiar “shift side-to-side in front of the mirror” dance, debating the gray over the charcoal sweater as if it were a life or death decision.

But then there are days when I literally can’t/don’t want to think. Maybe I have 263 on my to-do list; perhaps my coffee hasn’t kicked in. But on those days I just need a look that is easy, fashionable and requires absolutely zero brain cells to put together.

Enter the white T-shirt. It is my fashion lifesaver, if you will. When in doubt, I know that if I throw on a white T-shirt and some form of bottoms, I can take on the day in style and save my brainpower for more pressing issues (like whether to order an almond milk versus soy latte).

So whether your stressed from studying or just needing to give your noggin a break, grab your favorite white T-shirt and style it like these Style Gurus for a guaranteed fashionable look.

White T-shirt + vest = business-ish professional-ish (Photo via @stylezbylinz)


White T-shirt + skirt = casual on the top, party on the bottom. (Photo via @queenhalpal)


White T-shirt + black skinny jeans = the perfect literally wear anywhere look. (Photo via @elizagracehuber)


White T-shirt + joggers = The closest you can come to wearing pajamas in public without being shamed. (Photo via @withlovethelms)


White T-shirt + bomber = the cool girl uniform. (Photo via @viezken)