What Your Winter Coat Says About You

When the temperature outside is a smaller number than your age, it’s time to face the harsh fact that winter is here. And let’s get real, people—that time has come and it’s flipping freezing out.

Staying warm is obviously (or, for more sane people, should be) priority one, two and three. But rounding out the top four is fashion. Finding a winter coat that speaks to your style while staves off hypothermia is key. But your choice in coat says more about you than you think.

Read on to see if your personality matches the profile of your winter coat selection!



Philosophy towards winter: Is hibernating an option for humans? Asking for a friend.

Style Icon: Big bird.

Topic You Would Own In Trivia: Which Olsen twin is which?

Favorite Accessory: A trenta latte with an extra shot.



Philosophy towards winter: Snow? What’s snow? I’m from Florida.

Style Icon: Danny Zuko

Favorite Accessory: Ripped jean shorts 360 days a year (because you need to revert to pants those five times the temperature goes below 45-degrees).

Three Things Always In Your Bag: Sunscreen, lip balm and Vitamin C for that constant cold you can’t seem to figure how you got…



Philosophy towards winter:  This isn’t my first time at the rodeo.

Style Icon: The Abominable Snowman

Topic You Would Own In Trivia: Bear Grylls survival tactics

Favorite Accessory: A ski lift pass.



Philosophy towards winter: Let’s wrap this up.

Style Icon: Harriet the Spy

Topic You Would Own In Trivia: KGB member, Russian model or both.

Favorite Accessory: A notebook



Philosophy towards winter: Kids these days. Back in my day, I had to walk to school six miles in the snow, no boots, no gloves….

Style Icon: Your grandma

Topic You Would Own In Trivia: Golden Girls.

Three Things Always In Your Bag: A tea bag, knitting needles and pictures of your cat.