What Your Boot Choice Says About You

With the first smatterings of snow, it is time we face the facts when it comes to our footwear choices. This isn’t really the season to rock your favorite open-toe sandals or sky-high pumps unless you 1. want to receive concerned looks from strangers and/or 2. enjoy getting hypothermia/wiping out on ice/breaking your ankle.

If you are still reading, I assume you do not fall into either of the above camps. So you are probably wondering, “Well then, what boots should I get this season?” Style and silhouette of boots comes down to personal taste. But to help you pick a pair that let’s the casual passerby know what you are all “a-boot,” we have analyzed the personality profile behind a few of the most popular styles.

Read on to see what your boot choice says about you!



Personal style philosophy: “I totally remember the ’90s. All three years I was alive during them.”

Style Icon: Daria

Topics you would own in trivia: “Pre-Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani”

Favorite accessory: Stickers. Just everywhere.



Personal style philosophy: “The higher the boot, the shorter the skirt… I mean the closer to God.”

Style Icon: Kylie Jenner

Topics you would own in trivia: Victoria Secret Models and their girl gangs.

Favorite movie: “Pretty Woman”



Personal style philosophy: “I would totally have been in Slytherin.”

Style icon: Medusa

Pump up jam: “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake

Favorite movie: “Snakes on a Plane.”



Personal style philosophy: “If it ain’t vegan, it ain’t right.”

Style Icon: Anyone at Coachella

Topics you would own in trivia: “Is it an exotic desert or a fancy dessert?”

Favorite accessory: Bandanna (most likely worn around neck)



Personal style philosophy:“Do these shoes make me look like I own a tool belt?”

Style Icon: Bob the Builder

Topics you would own in trivia: Nude leggings, work boots and other things Kanye West considers fashion.

Pump-up Jam: “Work It” by Missy Elliott featuring Timbaland



Personal style philosophy:All black everything.”

Pump up jam:Miss New Booty” by Bubba Sparxxx

Topics you would own in trivia: Anything involving Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncè or Kim Kardashian

Most used accessory: Oversized black sunglasses even when indoors.