What We Learned From Festival Season

Whether you attended Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo or any music festival this past season, I think we can all agree it’s a good time filled with great music. There’s an atmosphere that goes along with festivals that truly can’t be replicated anywhere else. Plus who doesn’t love the food vendors lined down the street where you can get anything from a pulled chicken sandwich to rainbow ice cream. Also, style watching is prime. You never know what will inspire you. (This year it was space buns. I think I need to try them out.)

Now that festival season is coming to a close (crying inside), there are a couple of things I learned…

1. Take advantage of the open dance floor. You’ll need it to balance out the “college” stress heading your way. (Photo via @thatchiclex)

2. Appreciate the weather, soon it will be dreary and cold, well in Michigan at least. (Photo via @samanthaneira)


3. Spoil yourself. It’s okay to spend an extra buck on lemonade. (Photo via @kelseykeena)


4. Bring your friends and/or guru gang. What’s a music festival without them? (Photo via @kelseykeena)


5. Take the time to get that Insta worthy photo. I mean how else are you going to remember it? (Photo via @bohemianblondie)


6. This was the Insta worthy photo I was talking about. (Photo via @riaxla)


7. Take a selfie. Music festivals are one of the only places people won’t judge you for taking a photo. (Photo via @thatchiclex)

8. Wear Adidas. Your feet will be thanking you later. (Photo via @elizagracehuber)


9. This is your opportunity to channel you inner Vannessa Hudgens, music festival queen. (Photo via @brdy94)


10. Lastly and most importantly, have fun. Don’t get caught up on whether you missed a band you wanted to see. If you are having a great time that stuff doesn’t matter. (Photo via @mags_m10)


See you next year!