WHAT TO WEAR: Yoga Class

After a long awaited winter season our wonderland has finally hit! I took a stroll on campus to see how students were dressing for this cold and flurry time of the year, and spotted a cute look for an exercise class.

This Fashionista found a trendy way to dress up yoga class attire by mixing patterns and solid colors. She’s surely making a statement by combining complementary colors and patterns throughout her attire. However, these subtle touches only work well without clashing because of her choice of pairing neutral shades and using color as a detail. The orange and blue from her sneakers work well with the blues from her yoga mat, and she just couldn’t go wrong with the neutral shades of her trench coat, sweater, and leggings.

This Fashionista chose the perfect amount of accessories to bring even more style to her exercise look. Gold-rimmed sunglasses, gold rings, and of course her vibrant yoga mat seal the deal of turning hot and sweaty, to hot and fabulous. Another reason why this outfit works so well is because of the layers. When she takes off her coat and scarf, this Fashionista still holds the key components of her outfit: color, pattern, and accessories.

Her creamy white oversize sweater balances the printed leggings. The pop of color in her sneakers brings the whole look together and adds a pop of 1980s-inspired style. Luckily enough these vital pieces for your wardrobe can be found at many popular retail stores and can be mixed and matched for all different occasions. Who knew a trip to yoga class could be so sophisticated and fashionable? This Fashionista is surely ready to find her inner peace, and relax her mind and body while looking stylish doing it.