Of all the wonderful facilities that University of Delaware offers to its students, the student gym is easily my least favorite of those facilities. This is nothing personal against the particular gym at University of Delaware. In fact, everything inside of the gym is state of the art—even down to the water fountains. I strongly dislike going to the gym in a general sense. The gym is always crowded, smelly and chaotic. To me, one of the best things about summer is being able to be active while being outside. However, in a small town like mine, that makes you about four times as likely to run into someone you know while walking in the local park.

The word “athleisure” is a term created by the fashion industry used to explain athletic apparel that can be worn both to the gym and in everyday life. Vast majorities of college students are guilty of showing off this trend, and likely do not even realize it. Basically, this is when you wear leggings and a cute t-shirt to class because you have an exam and you have been studying all night. Typically, when I sport this outfit I have an additional accessory in hand: a large coffee with two shots of espresso.

This Fashionista is flawlessly executing a typical athleisure look. A good place to begin with any athleisure outfit is the perfect pair of athletic leggings. I am in love with this Fashionista’s leggings with the pop of green on the sides. These leggings are unique from the average black leggings, which make them perfect to wear while exercising or as a piece of an outfit to wear while on the go. Also, the embroidered white tank top effortlessly adds a touch of femininity to the outfit. Lastly, the purple running sneakers add a pop of color that the outfit needs desperately. The sneakers are practical for exercising and also comfortable for the Fashionista, if she chooses to not partake in exercise. I will most definitely be taking tips from this Fashionista next time I work up the strength to hit the gym, or not hit the gym.

One Simple Change: So you decided to actually workout in your athleisure outfit, but also need to run some errands after you workout. Ditch the sneakers for a cute pair of Rainbow flip flops; trust me they are totally worth the investment!