Summer has begun Fashionistas/os, and it’s time to hit the gym to shed those winter pounds! What better motivation to get moving than great workout gear? Here are some fashion tips to get you into the gym and into shape.

My first tip is to not wear sloppy clothing! Do not pull on the sweat pants and T-shirt off your bedroom floor. You can’t work out properly in these loose clothes and your morale will be low. Pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and will get you excited about your performance. You don’t want to be caught tripping over your baggy clothes!

My next tip is to pick the right bottoms for your workout. If you love to run, jog, bike ride or any other type of cardio, my recommendation is to wear running or spandex shorts. They won’t get caught on the machines and they allow your legs to breathe. If you are more interested in weight training, yoga or flexibility exercises, I advise yoga pants, Nike capris or compression leggings for your workout. These choices are comfy and show off your shape!

My last tip is to choose a breathable, bright colored top! There are many tops to choose from, whether it’s a sleeveless tank top, light hoodie or compression shirt, just make sure it’s not too tight or snug because this can cause sweat stains or breakouts. Most workout pants are usually dark colored so picking a bright colored top is a fun way to mix and match. It gives you a confidence boost and gets you pumped up!

One Simple Change: Workout gear is really easy to switch into a class outfit. You want to be comfortable sitting in class and you can head right to the gym afterwards. Just switch out your gym shoes for Converse or flip-flops and add a zip-up. An easy switch!