In the past week, I was inspired to take up the lovely practice of yoga. After three sessions, I’m pretty sure I’ve already found my inner qi. However, my flexibility stills needs some MAJOR improvement. But hey, practice makes perfect, am I right?

With my recent activities in full pursuit, I was over the top with happiness to stumble upon this fellow yogi and Fashionista practicing her poses. She was spotted sitting outside on her porch listening to the patter of the raindrops fall from the first major storm of the season. As the rain continued to pour, this Fashionista became one with the universe in quite the fashionable manner. Trading out her work pants and polo for super chic yoga apparel, she combined two of my favorite things, fashion and comfort!

I absolutely love the open back tank top she is wearing. Besides being able to show off her wicked cool geometric patterned sports bra, the openness of this top allows the Fashionista to display her tattoo. Normally, I am not the biggest fan of tattoos. Something about permanently marking yourself has never been very appealing to me. I mean, imagine having to wear the exact same accessory everyday for the rest of your life? Unless that accessory is a diamond ring, I think I’ll pass. However, I could not stop admiring this Fashionista’s tattoo. It genuinely completes her look. The tattoo reads “Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit.” The Fashionista explained it is the way she wishes to live every day of her life. The words are inspiring and so is she.

The Fashionista paired magenta leggings with her open back tank top and awesome tattoo. The leggings were designed with a cheetah print pattern stripe running from her hip to her toes. To top off the outfit, she wore a simple but chic black headband to keep her braid in place.

One Simple Change: While this outfit is great for sporty activities, it could also be changed into the perfect summer look! Swap out the pink leggings for a pair of denim cut-offs, the sports bra for a strappy bralette, add in some white Chuck Taylors and voilà—the recipe for the perfect summer look!