The month of June is just around the corner! For some, the beginning of summer signals spending endless hours lounging in the sun with a good read, sipping on freshly-squeezed lemonade or finally digging up that floral maxi dress you’ve been dying to wear. For others, it means hitting the gym or a local running trail. After spending a few months of hibernation in yogas and sweatpants, you might be anxious to get into back bikini shape. Heck, I know I am!

If you are anything like me, you’ve grown tired of blacks and grays. They have earned their spot in fall and winter attire and I prefer that they stay there. Now that summer has come around, I like to include lots of bright colors and prints in my everyday wardrobe—and this includes my workout gear.

This Fashionista is sporting a violet racerback athletic tank top with a pair of bold, galaxy pattered leggings. She paired the outfit with black Nike running shoes and a simple black headband. Finally, she opted for a no-fuss ponytail to keep her face fresh during a long workout.

This Fashionista’s look is perfect for an afternoon at the gym or a jog around campus. Her tank and leggings are made of thin, breathable material and stretch easily, allowing for maximum comfort and flexibility. She’s guaranteed to stand out among a sea of black leggings and tank tops with these splashy colors and prints. Sweating can be fun—but it should always be stylish.

One Simple Change: Planning on running errands after a morning jog? Mist your hair with dry shampoo and cover the roots with a stylish headwrap. Additionally, throw on a soft jacket like this one from lululemon.