It’s that time of the season. You just got back from spring break, and you feel like you may not have that beach-ready body yet, or you want to keep working on it. It’s still cold outside, but you don’t necessarily want to go into the gym when it’s packed. It’s imperative to know that working out doesn’t always have to take place inside a gym. As I was walking up to the parking lot, I spotted this Fashionista stretching for her afternoon run outside. Yes, it feels like it is freezing outside, but this Fashionista really knows how to dress for the weather and keep it stylish.

To keep herself warm, this Fashionista wore Under Armour ColdGear leggings. These leggings are a great choice for outside running because they have a fast-drying exterior that traps heat inside as well. Another way she kept warm was by wearing a purple Nike Dri-Fit thermal top. This top is very versatile because you can either wear it zipped to keep your neck warm or unzipped to let the cool breeze in while running. Underneath her thermal top, she chose to wear a pink mesh Nike tank top. This gave her the option of possibly going into the gym to hit the weights after her run.

Some elements that I absolutely envy about this Fashionista’s outfit are her accessories. She was able to match all of her accessories with the rest of her outfit. To match with the purple and black color scheme, this Fashionista wore purple, patterned Nike running gloves. They are perfect for her winter run because they have silicone for an enhanced grip, are touch-screen compatible and help to wick away the sweat. Her patterned Brooks running shoes also add to the color scheme. This Fashionista wanted to stay stylish in case she saw any Fashionistos while she was running around campus.

Not only did her apparel wow me but so did her other accessories. I love the way this Fashionista wore her Belkin armband. She chose a mostly gray armband because it is the most versatile color to style with all of her workout gear. This particular armband fits her iPhone 5, but they have many different options for the different smartphones or iPods. Also, I love that her Contigo water bottle matches her outfit. It is always important to stay hydrated during a run, especially in the sharp, cold weather.

Have no fear; it is totally possible to be a Fashionista while working out. This Fashionista pulls off looking cute while managing to go on a run. It is important to know to stay warm if you are running outside, so wear Dri-Fit and cold weather gear. Also, don’t forget your tech accessories and water bottle!

One Simple Change: Working out inside? Take the thermal top off, and just wear the mesh tank top. Switch out the leggings for compression shorts. Going to class? Put your sneakers in a gym bag, and wear cute boots.