Getting dressed to go to the gym in the winter is a workout in itself. The amount of effort it takes to layer up probably burns more calories than your warmup. In any case, gym wear does not have to be boring or monochromatic. In fact, it’s totally acceptable to exaggerate your use of color so you look like a florescent rainbow as you clock in those miles.

This Fashionista is the queen of fun workout wear, making it easy for me to spot her on her walk down to the gym. She makes a statement literally from her head to her toes, from her headband to her running shoes. She layers with intention—the varying textures of her outfit don’t weigh her down. Her fluffy scarf sits nicely on her trendy puffer coat, harmonizing fashion and function.

This Fashionista’s use of color is accentuated by the surrounding bright white snow. By wearing muted neutrals instead of harsh darks and lights, the colors featured in her outfit are able to be contrasted against each other instead of her coat. We are then able to focus on the properties of each color individually, which ensures that no pop of color goes unnoticed. Gym wear is a much more experimental facet of fashion, and you can work with colors you wouldn’t typically see in everyday wear.

One Simple Change: Wear a puffer coat in a bright color for the cold weather. If you don’t usually wear a lot of color, this is a way to try it out boldly. This type of coat has been designed in a variety of patterns and colors, so why not play around with your options?