I can’t believe it’s already February, but it is still the beginning of the New Year. I know a lot of us made a resolution to get fit and we can definitely achieve that while looking great! Activewear has become a lot more popular in recent years for those who work out and those that want to be comfortable around town. With so many options it is hard for a Fashionista/o to go wrong.

The asymmetric half-zip hoodie is a new design for active jackets and it’s a style I love. This new design makes activewear much more stylish without losing the purpose of the jacket. I especially love the zipper detail of this jacket, which adds a pop of color to the monochromatic look that this Fashionista is sporting.

Speaking of monochromatic, this Fashionista went for a gray monochromatic outfit with black color-blocking detail. The heather gray material is always great because it gives any color a little bit more depth and allows you to play with the lighter and darker hues within that article of clothing. In this case her jacket and pants are heather gray allowing her to play with the black undertones. The placement of the color-blocking on the side of her thighs is perfect. When a darker color is on the outer side of your body it draws the eye in, which makes you appear thinner.

Keeping with the sporty theme, this Fashionista decided to throw on a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses. Having a pair of sunglasses before and after the gym is key. This way you can hide the makeup you sweat off or hide the fact that you didn’t wear makeup at all!

One Simple Change: From exercise to errands, it’s important to layer up. During the winter you have to wear a lot of layers to stay warm. Throw on a cute coat and boots to bring this look from workout to ready-to-wear.