Even though the gym is supposed to be a no judgment zone, we all know that the second we walk in, we risk getting the once over from our peers. We are bound to see a cute guy lifting weights or a group of people we know, and even though we want to get a good workout in, we don’t want to look too gross doing it. The good news is there are tons of cute workout clothes we can wear to show everyone we have style even when we lift weights! This Fashionista shows us the cute clothes she wears when she’s walking the treadmill as if it’s a runway.

This Fashionista is sure to get positive attention from others at the gym while getting a good workout in. Her blue V-neck Nike top is bold, and the orange lining makes it appealing to the eye. You can get a similar one from Dick’s Sporting Goods. The Under Armour workout leggings are perfect for the gym in the harsh winter weather because they will keep her legs warm but won’t be too warm once she starts to work up a sweat. Her super cute sneakers add more color to the outfit and create detail. We love the black laces outlined with pink which matches the pattern of the sneaker. Last, but certainly not least, she pulls it all together with a headband that has a fun design and keeps the hair out of her face while she goes for her run. All the aspects of her outfit benefit her fashionably and athletically—what could be better than that?

So next time you want to go to the gym, you don’t have to dread running into everyone you know; you can look forward to it! Put on your cutest outfit and sneakers and only pay attention to having the best workout possible.

One Simple Change: Want to go for a run outside? Throw on a workout jacket to ensure extra warmth. Grab your iPod and headphones, and you’re ready for a run around campus.