In this day and age, college students are constantly running. Not only are they running at the recreational center, but also running from class to class. It is very common to see kids arriving to class in baggy or grimy workout apparel. Sometimes they’re coming from the gym, otherwise they’re just grabbing their most comfortable pieces to lounge in class. Well, not for this Fashionista. She walked into class looking sporty and athletic but very fashionable.

After class I pulled this Fashionista aside and she said she was headed straight to the gym. This outfit works well because it’s comfortable and easy to wear while running on the treadmill, but also is cute enough to wear to class. This Fashionista does a wonderful job at wearing one outfit for two events in her busy day.

My favorite piece is her Nike geometric print leggings. The pants are a combination of different shades of gray with hints of white. They’re so loud that they speak for themselves. Her bold leggings help her stand out in class and at the crowded gym. This Fashionista pairs them with a cozy black fleece sweatshirt. She finishes her outfit with athletic snow booties, a necessity for the snowy Kent State weather!

One Simple Change: Love a sporty look but don’t know how to pull it off on the weekends? No fear! This outfit can easily be made more weekend-worthy with one little fix. Swap this black fleece sweatshirt for a long black tunic. This will make your outfit a little more fancy while still wearing comfy yoga pants and boots!