Every year you see the tweets, statuses and Instagram pictures boasting the same caption, “New Year, new me!” This is one of the stereotypical New Year’s resolutions that we’ve all made before. At this time of year, people are hitting the gym and striving for healthy. With the gym so packed, why not look your best? Many athletic brands are now carrying more fashion forward clothes making it easy to find stylish options even for working out. When you feel your best, you do your best, so looking cute for the gym can translate into a better workout.

This Fashionista uses subtle pops of color to elevate her workout look into a chic, fun ensemble. She breaks up her black leggings and dark jacket with a lime green tank. Her jacket features bold seams that curve inward creating an hourglass shape. Athletic brands such as lululemon carry workout apparel that is functional and flattering. I think finding clothing that flatters your shape is key in creating the perfect look. Workout clothes don’t have to consist of big T-shirts and gym shorts. Wearing stylish clothing at the gym can boost your confidence and your workout.

When shopping for workout clothes, look for flattering pieces and don’t be afraid to go for bright colors. This Fashionista adds color to her look with her coral accented running shoes. She adds a simple black and white bag that is the perfect size for a small gym locker. A good gym bag should be just big enough for the essentials, yet still a practical size for a locker. When it comes to your workout look, jewelry is often not practical, but there are some exceptions. This Fashionista is wearing a Fitbit bracelet that tracks your activity while you wear it. It has small dots that light up dependent on how active you are. While this Fashionista sports a classic black Fitbit, these simple bracelets come in an assortment of colors. Also, Fitbit and Tory Burch recently teamed up to create gorgeous bracelets that you would never know are tracking your activity. Going to the gym is not everyone’s favorite task, but you can do it style. These days it’s easy to find workout clothes that accentuate your figure and keep you looking chic.

One Simple Change: Needed to get in a quick workout before class? After hitting the gym spray on some dry shampoo, grab an oversized tote and you’re ready for class.