As the weather gets colder, there are few days that are sunny. A lot of people take advantage of these sunny days to go for a walk in this nice weather. Everyone knows that winter is not going to be always sunny. Why stay inside when you can go for a walk and enjoy the sunlight?

The look is a casual outfit which is very appropriate for walking around the neighborhood. It is comfortable, fashionable and warm. It is winter and you can’t wear shorts or just a T-shirt. There are a few items that are important to this outfit. One part of the outfit is the shoes. When you are walking, they are the most important part. They should be comfortable and the appropriate type of shoes to be walking in. The last thing you need to worry about is if your shoes are going to hurt your feet or make you tired. So wearing the appropriate kind of shoes is extremely important if you are planning to walk for a long time.

Another piece of this outfit is the pants. They are comfortable and warm so you would not have to worry if the weather it is windy. They should be warm and also comfortable for you to walk in them. They also are the appropriate length so they fully cover your legs.The other piece of this outfit is the jacket, which is warm but not too heavy to carry. Since it is sunny and the weather is not very cold, this jacket is perfect for these temperatures.

Until now I talked about the how comfortable and warm this outfit is, but another great thing about this outfit is that it is stylish. I really like how well the colors go in this outfit. Even though the gray is not a very warm color, the pink color of the jacket is a perfect combination to add color to the outfit.

One Simple Change: If you wore jeans instead of this type of pants, the look would be appropriate to go shopping or any other casual event.