When hitting the yoga studio or the gym, functionality usually comes before fashion. The last thing any yogi wants is their pants falling down in downward dog in front of the entire class. Luckily, the athleisure trend has influenced most workout companies to make stylish clothes that can handle all forms of exercise. Also, there is much more of a selection of workout companies to pick from. Another awesome thing about the athleisure trend is that it is totally acceptable to wear leggings and a sports bra, even though you aren’t even working out. You can go to class in a cute yoga outfit and not be judged for not doing something active.

The Fashionista pictured above was on her way to a yoga class on the beach (hence the yoga mat). Her yoga outfit is bright, summery and adorable. She is wearing a pair of pineapple leggings that really make the entire outfit. Statement leggings are very popular in the yoga world. Check out Onzie or Maaji for some fun leggings that you can quickly pair with a plain tank. You’ll definitely stand out in them! For a top, the Fashionista is wearing a “No Bad Vibes” tank that fits her mellow mindset. She paired the tank top with a T-back sports bra. She mentioned that there was a matching pineapple sports bra to the leggings that she wanted to go back to the store for. You can tell this Fashionista is not afraid to stand out, because she is also wearing bright pink sneakers that match perfectly with her pineapple pants.

One Simple Change: Switch out the yoga mat for a cute cross-body bag and go shopping! With althleisure being so popular, you can wear your workout clothes to the mall.