With winter break coming to a close and the new semester beginning, it’s time to change out of our pajamas and get back into the swing of things. New classes are starting, so it’s a given that everyone will be on their best fashion behavior and dressed for success. That being said, however, it is important to consider the appropriate attire for certain classes.

For many of the undergraduate college semesters, students are burdened with those pesky general education class credits that are often of little to no interest to anyone. P.E. was always a tricky general education class for me to dress fashionably and comfortably for, but this Fashionista got it just right: she’s clad head to toe in her favorite Nike attire.

For me personally, a comfortable shoe is key in order to get in a good work out. The neon pink Nike running shoes that this Fashionista is wearing are super cute and comfy. Her Nike tank top is perfect for staying cool, but well covered for a P.E. class. Likewise, the leggings she is wearing allow for maximum flexibility for classes like yoga, and they’ve got you covered in the sense that they are not see through! This Fashionista also has this awesome Gear Fit band to keep track of her heart rate, foot steps, etc., during her work out both inside and outside of the classroom!

One Simple Change: Is the weather a little too chilly for a tank top between classes? Just throw on a hoodie and you’ll be warm and comfortable for your winter work out!