January 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

As the holiday season approaches, not many people have time for the gym. It’s the truly dedicated who be sure to carve time out for their daily workout even as the weather gets a little chillier. I caught this fit Fashionista on her way to the gym dressing the part for her workout while keeping warm from the breeze.

She was decked head to toe in Nike. No joke. I am also a huge supporter of Nike so when I saw her I knew I had to stop her! Her yoga leggings were almost reflective but a pretty dark gray color that worked well with her all black outfit. They were made of polyamide and spandex (I’m creepy and asked because I was curious how it was reflective) which makes them beyond perfect for working out and stretching. Her black Nike running shoes matched her black pullover which was Nike DriFit and she had the hood (that was fleece lined) pulled up to block the wind. Her Nike backpack was nylon and waterproof – perfect to pack for the gym. The little bit of blue on her backpack and bright yellow on her leggings adds just the right amount of color to her outfit. Everything she is wearing is easy to throw on, spandex and waterproof; the perfect combination for hitting the gym between classes.

One Simple Change: Need to hurry to a final exam or run some quick errands? Try swapping the Nike running shoes out for some Converse. The spandex yoga leggings and comfy pullover are perfect for running to the grocery store or taking that last final before break.