January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Although the cliché of the New Year’s resolution is often teased because of how rarely anyone is able to stick to those yearly goals, the idea of bettering yourself—especially when it comes to health—is not a terrible idea. Maybe, with a little bit of online scouring, going to the gym could also be a chance to show off your style.

Determined to exercise and eat healthier this semester, this Fashionista found some deals online to find the perfect workout attire for the coming year. The compression leggings this Fashionista found on Old Navy’s website were not only on sale, but came in many colors like black, gray, and multi-colored and are great for working out in. The shoes she chose for this outfit are a pair of black and white Nike running shoes. She said that she loves the simplicity of them and how she can pair them with any color of athletic clothing. To complete her ensemble, this Fashionista wore a comfortable Nike sports bra with thinner straps that would not feel overbearing on her shoulders.

Overall, the beginning of the year is a chance to better yourself mentally, physically and stylistically. So when you are planning morning runs or trips to yoga classes with friends, make sure really take advantage of the new year and reinvent yourself the way you want to be seen.

One Simple Change: If your morning exercise session happens to run a little late and you find yourself running late for class, add a cute jacket or hoodie to keep yourself warm walking to class while still giving you that athletic wear chic look that many college girls rock to their eight o’clock in the morning classes.