The last thing most people are thinking about when going to the gym is whether or not they look cute. Trying to even fit in a workout during college can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, lululemon has the cutest workout clothes that this Fashionista was spotted in. Paying $100 dollars for a pair of leggings can seem pricey, but with luluemon it is worth the price. The items are very well made so they are not see through and they last years.

This Fashionista is wearing lululemon from her hat to her pants. Her hat is a cute accessory to the outfit. Her black leggings are a key staple everyone should have in their wardrobe; whether you are wearing these leggings to workout, with a sweater or just to run around in a zip up with. These aren’t just typical leggings though. They are stirrup pants, something to add a little fun to your workout. Next, can we talk about my favorite part of her look this jacket. To start, the color has been very popular. I love this layered look and it is perfect for fall. Having the option to have one layer zipped up and not the other is a nice touch. It’s perfect for wearing on your way to workout as well as a light workout or run. The last item of her look is a classic pair of Nikes. Having a pair of black shoes that go with everything is a good piece to have in your wardrobe.

One Simple Change: With a busy schedule, having an outfit to transition is important. To take this outfit from class to workout, I would just switch two pieces by adding a pair of converse or slip on tennis shoes instead of Nikes as well as switch out the baseball hat for a knit beanie. These two pieces will be perfect for a busy day on campus and look effortless.