October 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

As busy college students, it is hard to find time between classes, clubs and studying to workout. Cute workout clothes add motivation to get to the gym. If you look great in your workout clothes, you will feel great about working out!  Staying healthy is super important and working out can act as a great stress reliever. If you feel overwhelmed by exams and papers, take a break from studying and head to the gym. Blowing off some steam through physical activity can focus you and give you a productive break from the library.

This Fashionista has on some black accented cropped leggings. Her purple designed yoga mat is compact and cute to bring to a fitness class or to stretch and do core exercises. The bright blue sneakers and pink sports bra add some color to the look. Investing in visually appealing and good quality athletic clothing is a must. A few basic items to get include a good pair of black leggings that will last, padded athletic shoes that prevent injury and blisters and a supportive sports bra. Some other accessories to spend on include an athletic tank top, wide headband, yoga mat and running shorts.

Fall is the perfect time to exercise outside. The brisk fall air is great for an afternoon jog or walk through campus with leggings and a zip-up athletic sweatshirt. The gym routine can be monotonous, instead, sign up for an intramural sports team, spinning or Pilates class or join a fitness club. Invest in some basic athletic clothing items first and then add your own personal flare by splurging on a funky headband, cross back sports bra, bright socks, patterned leggings or colorful sneakers. Stay active and stay fashionable!

One Simple Change: As the weather gets colder, this Fashionista can grab a zip-up athletic sweatshirt, vest or long sleeve dry fit shirt to make her look more weather appropriate. Tip: If you have trouble getting to the gym, try wearing your workout clothes to class. That way you are all ready to go after class, no excuses! Plus you’ll be comfy and look cute and athletic all day long.