Fall semester has been pushed into full gear with the colder days coming in quick! College students everywhere are buckling down and adjusting to the balance of social life, schoolwork, sleep and finding time to work out. Picking out the perfect workout outfit can be possible on these long and tiring days. Everyone can rep their favorite brand of leggings, while sweating it out doing some squats.

I caught this Fashonista right before she was heading into the gym! She loves doing the Kayla Itsines workout and adores rocking her lululemon athletica workout apparel. Being stylish for the gym is a necessity! One can wear a dainty and put-together look without trying to hard. The outfit is kept simple with her favorite Nikes and radiant pink zip-up jacket. The lightweight jacket is formfitting, yet lends comfort and movement when doing a difficult workout! This Fashonista caught my eye with her high-tech fashion gear, especially. Her new watch tracks the amount of calories she burns, giving her an extra heads up and proving her hard work. Staying on track with working out in college is hard, but with an extra boost of some super adorable workout clothes and some fun arm candy to play around with, who would not want to go to the gym?

This Fashonista taught me that you should always wear things that make you feel alive and enhance your life. Always put on clothing that makes you feel animated in this colorful and connected to yourself every day!

One Simple Change: Need to run some errands after the gym? No worries! Change the workout top and throw on a long sleeve cardigan or baggy sweater. Put on some cute moccasins, let down your hair and you are ready to hit the town!