November 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

We all know how busy college life can be. Between classes, work and clubs finding time to work out can be a huge challenge. One easy way to alleviate the stress of making time to go to the gym is already being dressed to work out. Of course, most Fashionistas aren’t looking to wear sweats and an old T-shirt to class. Fortunately, with the growing popularity of designer workout clothes, finding a fashionable outfit fit for both class and the gym is totally possible.

What makes a workout ensemble fashionable? This Fashionista worked the trend of bright colors into her look.The lime green jacket coordinates perfectly with her colorful patterned leggings bringing a fun chic element to the look. By pairing a simple black tank top with the more outgoing colors of her other pieces she is able to create a vibrant outfit without having the colors overwhelm her. Her gray Nike sneakers also make the look far more dynamic. The more muted color complements the brighter tone of her clothing while the suede material of the sneakers adds an air of sophistication to the outfit.

To create your own unique workout look, try out a pair of patterned leggings. If you’re not sure about wearing a super bold bottom, go for a more relaxed black and white pattern, like these Under Armour ones. Grab a basic top, a colored jacket and some cute sneakers and you’re set to go!

One Simple Change: For a comfortable day of class, replace the patterned leggings for a pair of jeans!