September 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s that time again. Back to early alarms, classes and getting back on your fitness routine. No more time for slacking off and lounging on the beach. Instead I’ll be hitting the weights and books. As every Fashionista knows, everywhere you go is a runway, and, yes, that includes the gym. From boldly patterned spandex to mesh sport bras and candy colored sneakers, there are tons of ways for you to sweat in style.

Workout clothes are dominating everyday wear. It’s safe to say that yoga pants are here to stay. Brands like lululemon athletica and the Victoria’s Secret sport line are introducing style to workout wear. You can wear workout clothes out while running errands with everyday wardrobe pieces; if you pair them correctly. Plus, cute gym clothes are great motivation for going to the gym. One of my favorite outfits is workout clothes with my favorite pair of sunglasses while running daily errands. It is a way to stay comfortable and still keep a sense of style.

There are a variety is workout wear styles. For a more girly-girl style, both Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret have sports bras to water bottles in bright, fun patterns. For a more sporty-girl style, brands such as Nike and adidas have more athletic pieces in simplistic colors and patterns.

This Fashionista is rocking both a sporty and stylish look around campus. She sports a pair of brightly colored leggings with a dark gray long sleeve shirt. She adds her candy-colored Nike running sneakers and her Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses to complete her look.

One Simple Change: It is easy to wear your workout gear to run errands or go to class. Switch out your spandex for yoga pants and you’re good to go!