Some people are under the impression that working out requires old, baggy sweats, but that does not always have to be the case. Whether you play a sport, run or do yoga, there are tons of cute workout clothes that you can wear to keep it stylish at the gym. Even though you are working out, you can still look good to feel good!

Working out is a great way to break up the day and relieve stress. I know it always makes me feel better to take a break from schoolwork and go get in a quick workout session.

This Fashionista was proof that you can look fashionable going to the gym. Here, she is sporting ombré leggings from Fabletics, which are perfect for all different forms of physical activity. The low-back long sleeve reveals a lavender criss-cross sports bra to add a great pop of color! She tops off her workout attire with a lululemon headband. This really ties together the look to add more color and keep her hair back while being active.

One thing that really caught my eye about this Fashionista was her Fitbit. A Fitbit is a piece of wearable technology that can track steps, distance, calories and much more. A bracelet that is cute and keeps track of your personal fitness, how great!

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to exchange her sports bra for a bandeau and her leggings for some dark jeans, she would be ready for a lunch date with friends.