I caught up with a passionate athlete who showcased his goals right on his T-shirt. This Fashionisto, who’s training in Greco-Roman wrestling, is focused on getting that gold medal. Between his workout sessions, I caught up with him for a few minutes to capture his eye-catching black and gold workout wear.

World and Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs coined the phrase, “All I see is gold,” back when he was preparing to compete for the 2012 Olympics in London. Looking to Burroughs as a role model, this Fashionisto rocks a T-shirt featuring this signature motto. A top with an inspirational message is a great way to keep yourself pushing ahead or showcase to others in the gym what you’re chasing after. For Fashionistas, I’m currently loving the Under Armour tank tops with “I will what I want,” printed across the front to a little extra motivation. This Fashionisto pairs his T-shirt with black leggings which are great for workouts because they are comfortable and allow for great mobility. On his feet, he wears a pair of gold wrestling shoes that this wrestling great helped create as well. His socks, featuring the message, “Dream it do it,” are yet another reminder to push ahead in the practice room. This athlete blocks out noise with a pair of sleek gold headphones.

Whether you have your eye set on Olympic gold or just fitting into your favorite skinny jeans, an outfit filled with motivational messages is perfect for your next workout!

One Simple Change: This workout look could also make for a comfy ensemble for traveling. For example, next up on this Fashionisto’s schedule is a trip to compete in Sweden. All he would need to do for a complete traveling outfit is switch out his workout shoes for a pair of street sneakers and add a zip-up or sweatshirt for those chilly airplanes. The headphones would still be great for listening to tunes or plugging into your laptop to watch a movie on the plane.