Brace yourselves, it is already the middle of August. Unfortunately, you know what that means: dorm room shopping, textbook buying and new clothes shopping. If you are anything like me, you have tried all summer long to achieve the best wardrobe and body. I am just kidding. When you do find me working out every once in a blue moon it is at the park. That is where I ran into this Fashionista. I appreciated her workout attire so much, that I could not pass up the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Not only does she work out hard she shops even harder. She shops smart and looks for the best deals because who wants to spend a fortune on clothes that are going to get sweaty. She found her shirt, spandex and shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Although that may sound expensive, she made sure to have her 30 percent off coupon ready.

Working out does not have to seem like a chore anymore, and we most certainly do not have to dress in sweatpants and an old high school T-shirt to the gym. Spice things up like this girl and wear some Nike tube socks and Roshes. Then put on your favorite workout hat so you can still semi hide your face from the people in the gym you do not wish to see. She threw on some Lokai bracelets to add a little pizazz to her outfit, and now she looks like a true athlete.

One Simple Change: It is actually really easy to wear your workout outfit in public. It can easily be switched to run errands in. All you have to do is change your spandex to yoga pants. Find the nearest restroom or if you are feeling reckless change in your car.