After a long day of work and/or summer classes, the last thing most of us want to do is exercise. We’re exhausted, burned out and have absolutely zero motivation to walk over to the gym. Okay maybe not all of us feel this way, but I certainly do. I always struggle with motivating myself to stay fit and be consistent with working out. Exercising can more than likely be a drag for most people. You get all hot and sweaty, sore and sometimes a little more worn out than you expected. As much as I want to stay fit and be active, I am unfortunately quite lazy and usually head straight to my bed after a tiring day. However, when I am looking for motivation to exercise, nothing draws me in more than some brand new workout clothes. (Go figure, right?)

Nowadays, working out can be a little less dreadful with the endless amount of apparel available to us. Not only am I talking about shoes, but also workout shorts, shirts, sports bras, compression pants and more. From fun prints and patterns to neon colors, there is so much to choose from! So when it comes to working out, wear something that you feel comfortable in and you love seeing yourself in. Throw on your favorite pair of running shorts, a comfy tank top and do your thing! Who says you can’t look fabulous at the gym, too?

Dressed in her favorite workout apparel, this Fashionista shows off how to add a little style to her exercise routine. She is sporting white Nike Roshes, which are subtle and a perfect shoe choice because they are super light on her feet. Also, this particular color matches anything, which is always a plus. She paired these running shoes with a lavender workout tank top that has a built in sports bra (talk about convenience!) and light gray workout leggings. It’s a great workout outfit because it is not only comfortable but makes this Fashionista feel great about herself. These two pieces, both purchased from Lululemon, can also be worn to class. That is the great thing about exercise apparel. It is versatile enough to be worn other places besides the gym.

One Simple Change: Okay I lied, maybe two simple changes. Instead of the workout tank top, throw on an oversized T-shirt or sweater, change the running shoes to sandals or flip flops. Outfit complete! Now you’re all set for a day of doing errands, shopping or grabbing lunch with friends.