The great Michael Scott once stated, “I don’t’ hate it. I just don’t like it at all, and it’s terrible.” Now, I’m sure he wasn’t talking about fitness, but when taken out of context he perfectly describes the way in which most people feel about exercising. You get sweaty and achy, sore and hot and sometimes you may even get a little bit fatigued too. Well, while all of these are not so pleasant, unavoidable details directly correlated to exercising, I may have a tiny solution that can help make fitness fun (or at least fun-ish). A trick to enjoy being short of breathe, a golden nugget worth trying so that you get away from your beloved computer screens and onto that dreaded treadmill.

What could possibly make getting in shape enjoyable and somewhat motivational? Clothes! (Go figure, right?) Clothes are like the gateway to my happiness and greater well-being, it allows for self-expression and for self-love to occur. You put on your favorite pair of jeans, and in return you feel like the day ahead of you will be slightly easier to conquer.

So, when it comes to working out, wear something that you love seeing you in. Go that extra mile (both figuratively and literally) to really help yourself stay committed to improving your health. Throw on your favorite crop top and pair of running shorts, toss that hair up in a pony and get yourself into that gym!

Dressed in her favorite workout gear, this Fashionista really knew how to amp up her fitness routine. The white crop top and black and purple Nike running shorts are bold and definitely something of her own. They are a fantastic ode to a new wave of a not-so-commercialized and expensive form of workout clothing. While Karlie Kloss may make Nike anything look perfect, the gear she reps can oftentimes be expensive and a little unnecessary in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, workout clothes are awesome, but when you’re already paying money for a gym membership you don’t necessarily need to be brand loyal from head to toe. A great addition to this Fashionista’s outfit is her black running shoes; not only do they tie the whole outfit together, but they make this Fashionista happy and happiness is truly the key to anything, right?

One Simple Change: Just finished a five mile jog and are feeling a fresh smoothie? Whether it’s at your house or at Jamba Juice, try throwing on a pair of black running tights for a more comfortable, yet put together look.