July 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

With the summer temperatures here, running enthusiasts take to the street. Long sleeves are swapped for tanks and warm colors are changed to neon bights. After spending all winter staring at the wall while running on the treadmill, those who are workout savvy are more then happy to take the workout outside.

This Fashionista  glowed in her pink and black workout attire, she looked comfortable from head to toe and defiantly confident in her outfit. Her bright pink tank top is from the Nike store along with her meshed sneakers. Her staple articles of clothing for working out are her black sports bra and capri leggings, there both the popular C9 athletic brand sold at many stores, such as Target. Her neon pink socks match her outfit but serve two purposes for this Fashionista. She explained how she likes to wear pops of vibrant colors when exercising outside so cars and other pedestrians can see her.

Those summer temperatures cause runners to workout either early in the mornings or later in the evening when the sun is low in the sky. Keeping outfits light but bright are key when stepping off the treadmill and onto the sidewalks. Loving to run, this athletic Fashionista rocked a trendy yet practical outfit.

One Simple Change: When walking after working out hard it’s common to get sweat chills when you’re in colder weather. The best solution is to either stash a sweater in the car or tie a lightweight long sleeve shirt round your waist when working out. So, when the cold breeze hits simply throw on warm shirt until your able to hop in the shower and keep yourself comfortable.