Summertime is all about having fun with friends, going to the beach and partying. With our days consisting of working during the day and partying at night, where do we find the time to work out? Let’s face it—during the summer, the most we’re thinking about is where we can lounge around and eat. To be honest, I have that same dilemma, and I think the summer is my time off to do anything. But how I get motivated to get up and work out is to look good doing it, and this Fashionista found that to be true as well.

Her effortless workout gear is the perfect example. One of my favorite things about her outfit is her message shirt that conveys inspirational sayings. While working out, it’s good to have great motivation, and what better way to have something motivational than to have it on your shirt? Her bold, colorful Nike sneakers stood out to me as well, and they are great for working out while still acting as a bold statement in her outfit. Finally, she tops it all off with a chic Michael Kors watch. This Fashionista is ready to hit the gym!

One Simple Change: Just finished working out and working up a sweat? What better way to cool down than to grab a healthy lunch or dinner with your girls? Whether it’s going to get a salad at café or going to get a cup of Jamba Juice, you can switch up the outfit by putting on a cute pullover jacket that matches your outfit.