Whether working out is a chore or a fun activity for you, looking fabulous while doing it is a must. Working out may be something that requires you to sweat, but that doesn’t mean your Fashionista style has to suffer. Gym style is something that can be as versatile as any street style. With so many custom, modern styles emerging for the gym, it’s easy for any Fashionista/o to be stylish, even while breaking a sweat.

This Fashionista took advantage of the gym to show her Fashionista style with a simple graphic tank top, heather gray workout pants and neon tennis shoes. Her white graphic tank top is a perfect contrast to her gray workout pants and the simple tank top and pants let her orange neon tennis shoes vibrancy stand out. By keeping certain elements of the outfit simple and others colorful, certain pieces can be the center of attention.

Her colorful gym bag adds the perfect amount of color to her outfit. The bag’s mismatched floral pattern also adds a feminine touch to her look as a whole. Colorful accessories are a must when it comes to a gym outfit that pops. By utilizing vibrant elements in her outfit, such as her colorful gym bag and tennis shoes, her outfit is fun without being too overbearing. Her accessories add just the right splash of color to the her otherwise basic-colored outfit. Her tight pants show off her figure, and are a fitting match with her more flowy workout tank top.

Whether you are dreading the gym or cannot wait to break a sweat, being fashionable is still easy. By utilizing colors that pop, your Fashionista style can even shine through at the gym while you sweat…or should I say, sparkle.

One Simple Change: Have to go straight from the gym to run some quick errands? Simply put your hair up in a topknot bun and change your top into a more fitted style or simply throw on a sweatshirt over your workout tank top.