Working at a golf course, I see many different outfits that men and women are sporting for their rounds, or just to practice on the range. Everyone has their own style when it comes to the game of golf. Golf is an easy way to show off your sporting style. Even though not everyone is into golf, for the people who are, this Fashionisto is the perfect example for a stylish yet sporty look.

This Fashionisto was spotted just about to step onto the first tee and was up for a quick impromptu photoshoot. He is wearing Whistling Straits golf course apparel perfect for the upcoming PGA tournament! This Fashionisto has a mix of class and sport in his outfit. The polo he chose to wear is blue and white striped to match his shoes, which are adidas Boosts. He chose to layer his polo with a gray pullover. This one in particular has the PGA Championship logo on it. The blue in the top helps bring out the blue in the shoe laces. The style of shoes are more sporty than classy, and balances the classy look of the khakis and polo.

One Simple Change: This will be ideal for those courses that have a strict dress code when all you want to do is practice on the range. Another place you can where this at is for a semi-formal event! This outfit is perfect because it is not as dressy as a black tie event. You can also rock this outfit at brunch with a lady friend, or a semi-formal date!