Summer is here and you know what that means. Most people are hitting the gym to get fit to look hotter this summer! But, have you ever found it difficult to find a cute outfit for the gym? You just don’t want to match a complete workout outfit, but you don’t know how to be risky when working out? I notice when I go to the gym most people are wearing all black or shorts and a T-shirt. It just seems like I never see anything risky when it comes to gym clothes besides students wearing a neon T-shirt. I never thought I would pull someone over to ask for a picture at the gym up until I saw this Fashionista.

This Fashionista I spotted leaving the gym. I just had to pull over because I knew she would be the perfect example to show everyone how to be daring and still manage to have a cute workout outfit for the gym. What caught all my attention were her gray and pink striped workout leggings. I have never seen anyone wear pants like that to the gym before so of course I turned my head. It is a huge fashion statement for her to wear those pants because they are striped. Most people are very careful when it comes to wearing stripes because certain stripes don’t suit everyone. This Fashionista pulls stripes off completely along with her neon hot pink sneakers! The sneakers are a great touch because although the pants are a different tone of pink, they still manage to look good together.

This Fashionista tied this look together with a simple gray tank top. This was a smart choice because since she is being so daring with her pants and shoes already, being simple with the top truly pulls it together as a look and makes her stand out. Her accessories also helped her look out. The simple headband and cute duffle bag truly showed she wants to look great even when breaking a sweat. But who can blame her? She truly can give anyone lessons on how to nail a great workout outfit.

One Simple Change: I mentioned in the second paragraph that certain stripes do not suit everyone and some people do not like stripes regardless. So if stripes are not your thing, switch out the striped pants for some other patterned leggings not a solid color one. Switch out the sneakers for some sandals and top it off with a jean jacket. You just turned your workout outfit to a cute class one.