What better motivation to workout than to wear a cute outfit? Elementary school T-shirts and basic leggings are no longer the go-to gym attire. Athleisure has taken over and allows Fashionistas and Fashionistos to go from the gym to running their errands, all while looking and feeling stylish. My workout attire pushes me to go to the gym every day from my printed pants to my Nike tank tops.

This Fashionista sported her workout attire, colorfully and coordinated before her afternoon jog. With her detox water in hand, she prepared to jog the pavement in funky tights and a cute Nike crop top. That’ll make you get to the gym right? Her color coordination and inviting colors drew me to her outfit.

The Nike crop top was my favorite piece of this outfit because it is a statement piece. This top can be worn with a high-waisted skirt when this Fashionista isn’t focused on sculpting her summer body. The bright blues of her sports bra peeked through the arms of the crop top while perfectly matching the blue detailing on the side of her hat. Her radiant sneakers managed to have every color in them, tying her outfit together and comforting her feet for an intense workout.

This Fashionista made it clear that it is possible to be stylish while working out and, in this case, very colorful. She also made sure she had her Voss water bottle in hand, which was filled with fruits. The colors on this fit Fashionista were never ending, but they did the eye well.

Add a little oomph to your next gym session by taking this Fashionista’s look and pairing funky tights with colorful Nike gear; I’m sure it’ll get you pumped for a nice run. We all want to look good when we return to school in the fall, don’t we?

One Simple Change: Swap the tights for athletic shorts, especially on hotter days. The farther away the colors are from the sneakers, the less distracting it makes the outfit.