Since I have been home from college, I have noticed that I can find every excuse not to workout. But after buying seeing how adorable some of the athletic wear can be, I became a bit more motivated. Even though most of us are busy with summer jobs, internships and other time-consuming tasks, we can always make time for a good sweat. This Fashionista scurried over to Title Boxing Club after working at her father’s office from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.! She gets props for not only being dedicated to putting in work at the gym but also for being stylish while doing so!

This Fashionista is keeping it chic and simple. She is wearing a solid, grayish muscle tee which complements her tan skin perfectly. This T-shirt is perfect for working out because it is loose enough to feel comfortable in without swallowing up her girl-like figure! She is also sporting the very popular cropped leggings by lululemon. Especially for a workout like boxing where you might be on the ground doing abdominal work or practicing high kicks on the bag, it is nice to have ample coverage of your legs. Plus, who doesn’t like the way their legs (and glutes) look in athletic leggings?! Additionally, she picked a pair of black, Nike Roche sneakers to really pull it together. These kicks look great with her outfit because they add a bit of a tough-girl edge to this sweet Fashionista’s overall demeanor (note: the slight holes in the toe. Don’t mess with this girl in the ring!).

Okay, yes. Some girls get a bit too serious about looking cute at the gym for one reason or another (boys), but you can always strike the right balance with a few accessories that can withstand that hardcore workout. This Fashionista did it right by wearing small studs, small hoops, University of Miami Cap, a medium length necklace and a thin, fun bracelet. These  pieces are great for still keeping your athletic wear cool, feminine and pretty.

One Simple Change: Though you might want to wash up first, you could always swap out the leggings and the sneakers for a pair of high-waisted shorts and high-top Converse for a fun and easy concert outfit! You could also put on a bolder earring and tie your hair in a cute bun to keep the look pretty and easy!