WHAT TO WEAR: Workin' for the Man

One of the hardest things when shopping for work clothes is finding pieces that are both professional and fashionable, without having to spend a fortune. Luckily, I was able to sit down with one of Stonehill’s Fashionistas earlier this month to talk about this dilemma.

On campus, this Fashionista works for the career development center, creating social media content. She is featured in their “Tip Tuesday” videos, in which she acts as a liaison between the department and the student body. When asked about her style, she said that “it is so important for me to look professional, but also because I am a student, I want viewers of the videos to be able to easily identify with me.”

Certainly, this Fashionista accomplishes that with great ease. By wearing a shift dress, the cut is appropriate for a casual business setting while allowing the flowy fabric to give off a flirty vibe. By opting for a smaller bag, she is able to hold all of the items she needs for work without being too showy. Her cream-colored handbag holds her cellphone, planner, and a few writing utensils; all things essential to the job.

One thing that I absolutely love is how this Fashionista accessorizes. The jewelry she wears is minimalist and works perfectly for a business casual setting. Namely, the simplicity from her watch, and the silver banded ring give her a little extra glam. By choosing pieces that are not too detailed or bold, she is accentuating the dress’s pattern.

“I love this ring, I never take it off. I do a direct program to Haiti every year, and everyone that goes on the trip gets one. It is called a seamless team ring. It means so much to me, and looking down on it everyday is a reminder of such an important part of my life.”