Hey Fahionistas/os! When getting back to school, it can be hard to find the time to hit the gym. What seems even harder for us Fashionistas/os is finding the perfect gym outfit. You know that outfit that says both “I look cute” and “Yeah I know how to lift weights (maybe).” It takes some thought to put this kind of an outfit together and the saying “look good, feel good” definitely applies to workout wear. Nothing like dripping in sweat but still feeling great because your outfit is on point. This Fashionista can relate because she clearly knows how to get the gains while still looking glam.

This look finds the perfect balance between cute and sporty.  She looks fab in her Lululemon tank top with the built in sports bra. This top is so practical and the back detail is amazing! The Fashionista pairs the fun top with black leggings with a subtle mesh detail up the leg. Of course no workout look is complete without some great sneakers. These Nike sneakers are both cool and comfortable. Make sure not to forget the must-have gym accessories like a reusable water bottle and some headphones to play your favorite workout jams. This outfit will definitely make you feel like you are sparkling and not sweating.

Don’t have time to change into your workout wear after class? Easy! Wear this cute workout look to class! Throw on your favorite zip up hoodie or a bomber jacket and you’re ready to go.