WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Work Flow

The end of the year is near, the snow has fallen on the ground and the sidewalks have become slippery beyond repair. How does one stay fashionable AND warm without falling on the ice? Booties!

This Fashionista knows exactly how to piece together a look that’s perfect for the office and the sidewalks. These booties from Charolette Russe have traction on the bottom that make it easy to maneuver around ice and not fall. Since they are all in style, booties can be worn with anything, especially to keep you looking cool in the winter. This Fashionista’s booties are especially warm because they are covered in suede material, perfect for insulation.

We live in Michigan, which means the winters here are pretty cold. As I stated before, it’s not easy to look fashionable and keep warm at the same time. By wearing sweaters, you have to ability to keep your body warm. This grey sweater is the casual yet stylish staple that you need in your closet. Since this Fashionista was just walking back from the office, she knows how well dressed you have to be.

There are only so many ways to dress business casual on cold days. This Fashionista has to balance school, exams and work so she worn sleek black jeans with her outfit. This is the perfect top off to make this look more casual and campus friendly.

If you want to recreate this look, black jeans and any kind of sweater is the perfect combination. Staying warm is a priority but you can still keep cool with the booties. You can never go wrong with black booties, but feel free to wear brown, taupe or olive ones as well.