WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Weekend Errands

It’s happened to all of us. Donning our favorite sweatpants, we head to the grocery store in desperate need of our third carton of Ben and Jerry’s this week. In the middle of a crucial decision between Half Baked or Chunky Monkey, you run smack dab into that cute guy from chemistry class. Now those sweatpants aren’t sounding like such a great idea, huh?

For most students running errands means wearing a subpar outfit (and we all know how disastrous that can be), but this Fashionista shows us grocery shopping can be done in style. Her effortless style ensures she looks cute and feels confident. By pairing together pieces that are comfortable, warm, and functional, your weekend errands outfit can not only feel great but look great as well.

The cold temperatures here in Seattle mean bundling up is a must. To stay cozy, this Fashionista layered a textured cream sweater under her favorite overalls. By throwing on an oversized scarf, there’s no need for bulky jackets that are difficult to carry around while shopping. Less fuss yet all the warmth! Big scarves such as this can be worn either draped loosely over the shoulders, as this Fashionista has done or looped around your neck to bundle up in the cold.

When it comes to footwear, comfort is key. Wearing shoes that are comfortable for walking around means your errands won’t be interrupted by pesky blisters or tired feet. Here, this Fashionista opted for her favorite open-toed ankle boots. Finish the look with a tote bag, perfect for throwing your purchases in!

Running errands or holing up in the library doesn’t require sweatpants. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good while still staying comfortable is a great way to boost your confidence. A great outfit can make your day better, even if you are just running to grab some much needed study snacks. You never know where the day (or your cute outfit) will take you!